The NERIE-YA-SAN is a free coloring website for children. Feel free to download the coloring pages and have fun!
Free coloring pages for the children

The English website is for the children in the world.
The English-speaking children can also enjoy these coloring pages that are originally drawn for the Japanese children.

.All rights of the coloring pages reserved by YUMIKO. The coloring pages are for the individual use only.

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The NURIE-YA-SAN is useful for the children and parents to play together.
It is a useful tool for raising children.

Coloring Numbers

Coloring Numbers
All gone!
Coloring Numbers
Coloring Numbers
Coloring Numbers
Soap bubbles
Coloring Numbers
Apple tree
Coloring Numbers
Coloring Numbers
Coloring Numbers
Big wheel
Coloring Numbers
Coloring Numbers
êîéöÇ ÇËǶ

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Our wish is for all children to enjoy coloring!

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All of the NURIE-YA-SAN coloring pages are the originals of YUMIKO. These coloring pages are very easy for the children to color.
They are a useful tool for educating the children and are designed for the children and parents to color together.